Hand Made Gifts
Creche Sets
Honor your Pastor or Church Worker.
           Help raise money for disaster relief.
                      Give a quality gift at a modest price.
I make these  individually for gifts at Christmas, children's messages, or Sunday School classes to paint. I give the profit for disaster relief.
   These Creche sets are great for kids to play with under the Christmas tree. I make them of pine unfinished for $5 for a set of Mary, Joseph, Creche and Baby, seen below. They are $5 for a set of 4: Donkey, sheep, Wiseman, or Shepherd. Individual pieces may be ordered for $2.50 each. All are plus shipping USPS. Call for your order.

I made 40 sets for Christmas gifts for the Children's Sermon, 4 each year on each Sunday of Advent. The project lasted 2 years. The sets would be unfinished, or could be made of better wood and finished according to your wishes.

There are 2 different sets. One has a set for Christmas and Easter $20 each set.

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