Hand Made Gifts
 Letter Opener
   This handsome Letter Opener with matching Olivewood Fountain Pen and Rollerball Pen were a wedding gift. The Olivewood is imported with a certificate of authenticity, then turned on my lathe to the description of the purchaser. Depending on the choice of wood or acrylic, and the type of mechanism, or design, the cost may vary between $50 and $150. Call or write for cost.

These are quality gifts that are guaranteed for the life of the maker. I will fix, repair or replace at my expense any problem with the gift. So that may be ten or twenty years or so! Ha. There is a great variety of woods, acrylics, and pen or letter opening styles, so we should talk about the individualization of the gift.
Honor your Pastor or Church Worker.
           Help raise money for disaster relief.
                      Give a quality gift at a modest price.
I make these on my lathe individually for gifts at Christmas, retirement, anniversary, or honoring individuals. I give the profit for disaster relief.
Olivewood pen set

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