Hand Made Gifts
Olivewood Pens
                                                                                                                                                  About Bob Quillen
    In 2010 , Joyce and I retired and moved to be around our grand children. We now live in PA and take them to violin lessons, swimming and confirmation classes. In my spare hours, I lathe these items (and others,just ask!) and sell them to raise money for disaster relief through the church or to sponsor children at my web sites like

The Olivewood is from Bethlehem and has a certificate of Authenticity . These hand made items might accompany your letter of honor and thanks this Christmas. Please allow one week for me to make and send the finished pen/item/gift.

A gift is an honor and and an affection. These home made gifts do both, and you can help them if you want.
           Help raise money for disaster relief.
                      Give a quality gift at a modest price.

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903 St. Joseph Dr.
Upper Darby PA 19082
Olivewood pen set Olivewood Wine Stopper Olivewood Rollerball and Zebrawood Clickpen Olivewood Mach 3 Razor
Home made on my lathe, individually for gifts at Christmas, retirement, anniversary, or honoring individuals. I give the profit for disaster relief.
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