Make a CD from my LP     $5/record

c    Put 2 LPs on each CD  if possible  $9 per CD

c    I prefer my cd in a paper sleeve - no extra cost

c     Make a customized case     $ 1.50

LP  2  CD


Transfer you’re Records to CD’s

Or for images cassettes videos you would like to have for playing on your cd see

Do you have LPs in a stack somewhere or just on a shelf.

Do you wish you could listen to them in your car, stereo, headphone?

Now you can transfer almost any record to a cd. To comply with copyright policy, you should own the record and use this for your archival purposes.

This service transfers Vinyl records to CDs. You can bring either 45s, 78s or 33 1/3. You can have them put onto compact disk singly or to an amount that will fill the CD, 80 megabytes. A normal 33 1/3 (both sides) is about 40 MB, so frequently you could put two albums onto one disk.

Contact: Kim   419-635-6758