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The current Bible Study offering .............
                                                              and ........ Gifts: for self and others.
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Creche - Puzzle
Home made for gifts and children's sermons, finished and unfinished.
Digitize Slides or Family Picture Album
Slides and Pictures come alive again. Make a picture gift for your family. Bring or send me your albums, slides pictures, and I will renew them for disk.
Shaving Kits
Mach 3 Razor in Walnut Burl or Olivewood - Brush or matching stand with razor. These are unique quality gifts, suitable for Birthday, anniversary, retirement.
This is the postable magnetic fountain pen. But it can be a Cross Style, or click pen, walnut, oak, acrylic.
      Bob and Joyce as grand parents, chauffeur, cook and parent. The girls help make pens and give them away. So does Bob. Of course if you want a quality gift hand made for you to give, I will make it for you.
      I will also give the cost to the current tragedy, or to support something like Rawdat.org, a website he do.
Quillz.us - Retiring in Style: write and tell me what you would like.
Study - Reclaim
Web Sites, Pens, Antique Renewal, lathe turning
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Photo Credit: 2 Q's from a canoe 2002: Algonquin Provincial Park, Ragged Falls
This chair was molding in a garage/barn, by the foundation for years, no caning, broken arms, and rockers.

I refinished, repaired and caned this antique rocker.

It is comfy!

If you have broken parts, write me or send me a picture.